Weekend warriors – expert escape tips!

When you have your vehicle set up with an Adventure Kings campsite, you will have the ability to head out on an impromptu camping expedition at a moment notice.

We will run over the essentials you need to have your dream weekend camping setup ready to roll with next to no pre preparation or notice!

Starting with power, there is no substitute when you are getting away from the built-up urban sprawl, than having a fully self-sufficient 12v power setup. At Adventure Kings we stock a full range of gear to help you get your campsite totally off the grid, our favourite accessories for a self-sufficient 12v system is by grabbing an Adventure Kings Battery Box with an Adventure Kings 115Ah battery, this combo is self-standing and can be left to charge with a solar panel such as an Adventure Kings 120w or 200W Portable Solar Blanket.

With self-sustaining 12v power you have enough charge to keep your portable Fridge/Freezer constantly powered whilst also having your 12v LED lighting running all night long, giving perfect visibility at camp all night long!

Vehicle organization is critical when you are heading to camp it can get a little bit frustrating trying to remember where you stashed all your gear, this is where a solid set of Titan Rear Drawers will pay for themselves with dividends! A set of Titan Drawers are built solid and offer campers a reliable way to stash all of their camping gear FULL TIME meaning when camping calls for you, you don’t have to head home and pack the car!

The added benefit of using a set of Titan Drawers in your vehicle is the smooth roller bearings all around that help support the load, along with built in spring loaded eye loops and a locking fridge slide, no matter how you set up the back of your 4WD a set of Titan Drawers are PERFECT for getting the most out of your setup!

Shelter is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated additions to any campsite, with the ability to rely on your shelter to keep you dry and protected from the sun has a HUGE impact on how enjoyable your camping escape is!

Our favorite campsite shelter is an Adventure Kings Awning setup, they are extremely quick and easy to set up at camp and you can be kicking back under shelter in less than a minute, the Adventure Kings Awnings use a tough aluminium frame to support the ripstop fabric, and when setup they protect campers from all the elements at camp!

Sleeping is critical when you are escaping from the concrete jungle, and there is no way to hit the sack more comfortable than inside an Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent. There are 2 styles within the range starting with the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent, this is our tried and true setup with an included mattress, which is a full queen size – there is plenty of room to roll around for you and your better half, additionally being in a roof top tent means you are up and off the ground, additionally you gain much greater ventilation and 360° views around camp.

The best thing about being up high is you can watch the sunset and the sunrise well above camp, and there is plenty of options to open and close the weatherproof widows and stormproof flaps to gain privacy and even to allow more breeze into your roof top tent!

Being mostly set up there are a handful of last things you will need to consider before heading into the bush for regular weekend escapes!

That is how you cook your meals and the way you keep your food and drinks fresh for camping.

One of our favorite ways to cook meals at camp and trackside is with a Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ,  they pack incredibly small and allow you to cook everything from pizza’s bacon and eggs, or even a tasty roast dinner! and run on your everyday swap and go style lpg bottles you get from the service station!

To get your pizza’s or even just sausages to camp fresh, you will want a portable and efficient 12v fridge freezer to keep your favorites chilled. The Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer range offers campers the perfect option for any setup starting with a 45L Fridge Freezer, which can fit 67 Cans (375mL sized) inside comfortably, which is more than enough for many smaller camping setups. If you need just a little bit of extra chilled space, then the good old favorite 60L Fridge freezer which has an impressive 88 can capacity, which is remarkable – finally you have the dual zone 65L Fridge Freezer which can fit an insane 96 cans inside which is divided into 2  separate sections which can be independently set to optimise the setup for freezing long storage periods, or both sections to be set to chill or even keep one half slightly warmer to prevent damaging your crisp greens with frost. Whilst keeping your beers frosty and chilled to perfection on minimal energy usage whether you are at camp for a day or a week!


For more information on the best weekend warrior kit out don’t hesitate to visit us online at www.4WDSupacentre.com.au or in store or even give one of our experts a bell on 1800 88 39 64 to get the best possible setup available!

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