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When fitting out your 4WD with camping equipment, its important to make sure you have the essentials of a good camp kitchen sorted! There are a couple of things you need to consider starting with how complicated your meals will need to be, along with what sort of restrictions you might have in your local area for starting fire.

With a bit of a clearer picture of the legalities of cooking at your camp kitchen, you can start piecing together the essentials to prep and cook the tastiest meals on the tracks. Starting with a good work surface, whilst some people like to prepare food on their ute tailgate or even on their lap, it is a great idea to kit yourself out with one of the Adventure Kings Roll Up Tables they take up less space than a regular camp chair, and they add so much more versatility to your camping setup. By having a stable and sturdy surface you can easily setup and prep your meals and if you are cooking with gas you will have a platform to set up your Adventure Kings 2-Burner Stove or Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ to cook up a storm easily and quickly!

By bringing along a 4-Piece camping Chef’s Knives Kit – it includes a chef knife, a bread knife and a paring knife meaning you can chop vegies, dice steak and even cut apart a loaf of your favourite fresh bread, each knife is treated with a non-stick food safe coating, to prevent rust and make cleaning a breeze! Meal prep is made so much easier thanks to the hygienic nylon chopping board that is included in the package and everything comes in at much less than you’d think!

You have two main options for cooking, either with gas, or with the coals of your campfire, whilst gas is easier to start, simply connect the gas bottle and light it up, cooking with hot coals is more difficult but we think it is always more rewarding and more tasty, this is why we advise you check the restrictions at your chosen location. If you are cooking with hot coals we have many options for you! Starting with your standard Camp Fire BBQ Plate with both a grill and a hotplate you can use it just like your BBQ at home for all the favourites from steak to snags chicken skewers and even rissoles! If you have a bigger crew, then you should definitely get your hands-on Swinging Hotplate and Grill Combo, it takes advantage of multiple tiers of cooking surfaces, and by swinging on its vertical axis, it can be swung over the coals or away from the coals for easy temperature control and even includes two billy hooks to keep the boiled kettle from cooling too much!

If camping bbq’s weren’t your thing then definitely getting your hands on a Bedourie Camp Oven might be the way to go! The bedourie still uses the coals on the fire, but by containing the heat within it allows you to roast and bake delicious meals like roast lamb or chook plus the ability to bake up a large damper loaf along with flipping the lid and using it like a frying pan, the Bedourie is made from spun steel in a process similar to making musical instruments like trumpets and bugles. The spinning process makes the steel extremely strong and crack resistant making the bedourie a perfect replacement for traditional cast iron ovens, along with being tougher, the spun steel is also much lighter meaning your camp setup wont weigh as much!

There is a couple of final options for if you are allowed to light a campfire but unable to have the fire directly on the ground, starting with the Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove, this portable system gives you an impressive self-contained fire up off the ground with a HUGE 2.4m tall chimney lifting smoke up above your campsite and above your awning, whilst also burning your firewood much more efficiently than a standard fire pit. If you wanted an option that was a little more open then definitely look into the Adventure Kings Portable steel Firepit, it packs flat and creates an exposed and easy to relax by elevated platform to light your campfire in. these are perfect for use in places like caravan parks where protecting the turf is their priority.

With all of these solutions you have next to no excuses for not getting out and exploring with an Adventure Kings camping Kitchen – For more information call us on 1800 88 39 64 visit us online at or visit our experts in store to secure the best deal on all your campsite upgrades!

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