Tips to saving yourself more money!

There are plenty of ways to get out camping for less, but in our opinion, two-minute noodles and a tarp just doesn’t cut it!

We have a list of our top 5 ways to get your campsite up off the ground that wont cost you an arm and a leg, and will mean tasty meals on the tracks with less hassle!


TIP #1 – Sleeping for less!

Since the dawn of time, mankind has slept uncomfortably through the night – this stops NOW! Whilst simple camping setups are designed to cost less, you now don’t have to sacrifice comfort warmth and dryness to save money. The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag has broken the mould and offers campers a versatile way to setup camp without spending too much money!

The Big Daddy Swag is available in a handful of different options, starting with the regular Big Daddy Swag, this includes a 50mm mattress and was the first in this range of epic double swags, boasting 1m of internal headroom and 1550mm width you can even sit up in bed.

The step up from the Big Daddy is the Big Daddy Deluxe – as the name suggests the Deluxe swag offers a huge 70mm thick mattress for supreme comfort at camp being 140% thicker than the standard 50mm mattress. It keeps sensitive backs up off the ground no matter how rough the terrain at camp.

The final in the range is the FULLY Customisable Big Daddy Flexi Swag! This is the FIRST EVER fully customisable swag in the world, with 3 steps.

First you get your shell, with the same performance as other Big Daddy Swags. The next option is to add a mattress of your choosing, which can be the 50mm thick standard big daddy swag, or alternatively the 100mm thick self-inflating mattress, and finally you choose your bag (or not) whether you want a polyester bag or a canvas swag bag!

TIP #2 – Cooking with gas!

Everyone likes to eat whether you like to admit it or not – Whilst some setups require, you to stoke the coals of your campfire or to steal some of the hot coals from your campfire. This is why the phrase “cooking with gas” has been the reference for when you have something well organised and functioning extremely efficiently!

In our range you have 2 options for cooking with gas – starting with the Adventure Kings 2 Burner Stove which features 2 stainless steel burners which gives you plenty of control of your cookers heat output, additionally the fold up design mean the lid converts into a stable wind shield reflecting the heat back into the pots and pans giving you much more efficiency at camp!

Additionally, you can set up your campsite with a Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ – which is one of the most versatile ways you can cook at camp. The Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ allows you to bake, fry, roast sizzle and even just barbeque all of your favorite meals and snacks! This handy compact BBQ includes a hood and integrated thermometer which means you can get the perfect temperature for cooking just about ANYTHING on the tracks!

TIP# 3 – Gimme Shelter!

One of the most critical things to staying sane when the weather is extreme, is by setting up some shelter, in Australia shelter needs to protect us from not only sunshine but flooding rains. This is where Adventure Kings comes in!

One of our favourite methods for arranging campsite shelter is to put a reliable shelter above your setup that is both waterproof and UPF50+ is the Adventure Kings Awning. Available in a range of different sizes for different types of vehicles the Adventure Kings Awning is built out of incredible fabric which is not only waterproof and UPF50+ but rip resistant, with its integrated rip stop grid prevents any nicks or punctures from spreading, ensuring you get no stretch in your canopy but also for additional strength in high stress situation.

The next shelter accessory within the Adventure Kings range is the Adventure Kings Gazebo – built from a sturdy steel frame covered with a durable 420D Oxford weave fabric which is durable and easy to set up, unlike our awnings can be set up without a vehicle being present making them ideal for use at campsites where vehicle access is restricted.

TIP# 4 – Chill out!

We aren’t talking about staying cold – We mean you need to chill out your food using an efficient refrigeration system like one of the Adventure Kings range of Fridge Freezers. Starting with our smallest Fridge Freezer, you can grab an Adventure Kings 45L Fridge freezer, a 60L Fridge Freezer or even the 65L Dual zone Fridge Freezer to bring more fresh food and drinks onto the tracks with you without needing bags of ice and without fearing that your food will perish in time!


The entire range of Fridges in the range are fitted with SECOP compressors and high quality internal components allowing you to set the temperature range and forget about whether your food and drinks will be cold enough.


Whilst everything at camp has already been taken care of, with a simple and affordable setup thanks to Adventure Kings. The last thing on the list is to sit back and relax and enjoy your home away from home!

The Adventure Kings range includes a comprehensive suite of comfortable and easily packable camping chairs that fit the bill for nearly every camper around!

From the famous Throne Camp Chair that can carry a massive 300KG (tested) to the 150° reclinable Deluxe Reclining Camp Chair and the comfortable and practical Director Camp Chair which includes a fold out table to eat cheese and biccies on!

Without a doubt you can get setup with one of the best value setups around thanks to Adventure Kings and the range available from 4WD Supacentre. For more information please visit or call us on 1800 88 39 64 to speak with one of our experts.

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