The best laid plans!

When heading bush, you may have a great trip planned in your head, coupled with perfect gear preparation and ensuring you have all the right gear setup for the seasonal conditions, but nature being the beast it is, can almost certainly guarantee that not every trip will go according to plan.

Whilst you may have been prepared to hit the tracks, the real question is, are you prepared for your trip to not go quite to plan, how prepared are you to change your plan, are you ready for an emergency situation?

If not, don’t worry the Adventure Kings range has a lot of essentials that could make or break a trip that hasn’t gone quite to plan, we will run you over these essentials, so you know what you need to grab to upgrade your setups versatility.

Even when you know a destination like the back of your hand, sometimes missing a turnoff or even when the tracks start to disappear, trouble can be found very quickly. One of the most critical things when heading bush is to start with a reliable navigation system, whilst good old fashioned paper maps are excellent for planning, they will never be able to tell you EXACTLY where you are, particularly if you are not where you thought you were!

This situation is far more common than you would think, which is why experienced Bushies all over Oz are turning to a reliable touchscreen GPS navigator like the VMS Touring 700 HDX which features preloaded maps for on and off road, for the whole of Australia and can even track your movements so you can back track to a better location. One of the best things about the VMS Touring 700 HDX GPS is its internal battery which lasts approximately 4 hours without being recharged, this means you can sit by the campfire and plan the next day’s exploration, or in the case of a dramatic change of plans, find the shortest route back to civilization to get help, the greatest thing of all is that this device requires no mobile phone reception, unlike your smart phone, this means you can find your way, even in the middle of nowhere!


When 4WDing on tough tracks, you may think of your 4WD as an unstoppable tank – whilst it may be capable, and easy to drive through a lot of the tracks you tackle, it is essentially a matter of time before it meets its match. This is why it is IMPERATIVE that you always pack a reliable 4WD recovery kit like the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit, which includes just about everything a self-proclaimed 4WDer could need to get further offroad, particularly if you have a winch like the Domin8r X fitted to the front of your vehicle.

With all the essentials for recovery like the tree trunk protector, winch extension strap and even a folding shovel for emergency “terrain repairs” – the kit also includes a tyre pressure essential – the Kwiky Tyre Deflator, a purpose made device that accurately and quickly drops your tyres down to gain additional traction.

A helpful upgrade to any 4WD, but particularly ones that frequent remote areas is a powerful and easy to use UHF radio like the 80 channel UHF380PK which has the highest legal output available (a monstrous 5W transmission power) coupled with a simple plug and play 6.5dBi antenna which gives an excellent blend of range and clarity, making sure when you hit the tracks you can stay in contact with the emergency services and call for help when things haven’t gone to plan!

A night time drive is fraught with unpredictable hazards such as animal strikes with native animals like Kangaroo’s, Emu’s and even Wombats this is why adding extra light to your 4WD makes night time driving much safer, thanks to upgrades to LED lighting technology, whilst you don’t need the brightest of the bright, when you need extra light on the tracks, you definitely will be regretting not adding extra LED lights like the Domin8r 9” LED Driving lights to the front of your 4WD! By fastening a set of reliable LED Driving lights you project light out to an impressive 863m whilst still having 1 lux of usable light at this range!


Finally one of the most critical things to bring with you into the bush is of course a fully equipped first aid kit, whilst you can get cheap units from the local supermarket, when you are in a remote area, you need to consider a kit that not only includes gear for accidents, but also the unexpected incidents on the track, whilst you may have a fully set up first aid kit, it is critical to also know exactly how to use each component. A First Aid Kit is essential for any vehicle, and doubly so when heading offroad!


When you love to get outside and explore the great outdoors, things don’t always go to plan, from weather changes, track condition changes, to medical emergencies, make sure you are prepared to get out when you need to and are prepared with the right tools for the job.

To find out more about your dream setup head to call us on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one of our 4WD Supacentre stores or dealers to ask our professional team exactly how to upgrade your setup for redundancy during your trips away!

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