Take your campsite to the next level with Kings Roof Top Tents


There is no denying the regularity of seeing the brand name Kings emblazoned across the roofs of 4WD’s all over Australia. It’s all for good reason, the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent range is one of the most cost-effective ways to take your campsite to the next level.

If you’ve seen these around town and wondered exactly what the black vinyl cover is hiding, you’d be pleasantly surprised to find out that a roof top tent is a simple to set up fold out shelter that simply hinges open to reveal a full tent with plenty of head height inside, quickly set up right on the roof of your vehicle. Thanks to being firmly mounted to a roof rack a roof top tent has a stable platform to rely upon and doesn’t require being pegged out.

The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents offer industry standard features at a fraction of the price of similar units on the market.

The simple installation setup and being packed full of features like the 75mm thick mattress (nearly queen size) and setting up in under 5 minutes, the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents are an excellent all in one solution to getting camp sorted quickly and efficiently.

There are two models within the Adventure Kings range that cover nearly everyone’s needs for a roof top tent. Starting with the fastest and quickest setup in the range the Adventure Kings Kwiky roof top tent, designed with a hard top and base, and spring loaded struts, setup is a breeze, requiring only a couple of buckles to be released and it will automatically pop itself up! Fitted with a comfortable 80mm thick mattress the Kwiky is a must have for those looking for a setup that is fast and light, requiring minimal fuss, there is also plenty of room inside the Kwiky to leave all of your bedding like your pillows and sleeping bags for an even quicker setup the next time you need to!

The Kwiky Roof Top Tent also includes a telescoping ladder system which collapses down and fits inside for a completely self-contained camping setup.

The next in the range of tents is the Adventure Kings most popular model the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent, this is the most popular for two reasons, first of all the massive internal space when it is set up, the Roof Top Tent offers a nearly queen sized mattress measuring a spacious 2450mm long and 1450mm wide with an incredible internal head room of 1340mm with nearly vertical walls so you have plenty of space to sit up and get changed whilst also taking advantage of the overhanging section as a versatile sheltered awning area.

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The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent has the ability to attach either a 4 person or a 6 person annex using zippers and a sail track to give even more usable internal space at camp, making it perfect for setting up a base station for extended trips away.

Both of these styles are priced at nearly a third of the price of similar models available on the market and are incredible bang for buck, to find out more about the Roof Top Tent Range, head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au visit one of our Stores or dealerships or come in to see our experts and ask about the best option for your setup!

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