Pro-tips for having a great time at camp!

When getting out of town and hitting your favorite campsites you have to be mostly self-reliant which often results in people who are less organised having a much more challenging experience when setting up camp.

We are going to give you our top tips for setting up camp with less fuss and much quicker than you’ve ever been able too before, whilst also bringing all of your creature comforts with you!

Starting with your shelter, when you are setting up your campsite shelter is one of the most important aspects, it keeps the sun and the rain of you, your friends and families and whilst setting up an Awning over your campsite only takes under one minute, but an awning on its own can do with a handful of easy upgrades, such as an Awning wall to increase the sheltered space at your campsite and if you purchased the Awning with the integrated strip light, you will be able to light up camp even easier.

Our pro-tip for setting up your awning is to keep your Awning Side Wall always attached and simply  folding it up over the canopy of the awning, when packing away it’ll be neatly stashed rolled up within the awning fabric, which makes setting up your camp take even less time.

Our next pro tip is an excellent way to both improve the efficiency of your fridge freezer, as well as keeping your vehicle cooler and your 12v battery topped up! Your vehicle’s windshield is a large panel of glass that when you are parked up in the sunshine, turns your car into a greenhouse. Trapping lots of heat inside not only makes it uncomfortable when you return to your car, but also makes your fridge struggle to maintain its internal temperature. So our pro-tip to solving all of these issues, is to set up your Adventure Kings Portable Solar Blanket over the top of your windshield, this will work to your advantage by both blocking out the sun, as well as absorbing all of the UV rays normally absorbed by the air inside the vehicle, on top of this you can pump a number of amps back into your battery to keep your setup cranking!

Moving onward, the next campsite pro tip you should consider is to enhance the ease and comfort of your campsite is to add an Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove, this clever setup has a tall chimney and gets your campfire up off the ground, making your fire not only more efficient, but also much more controllable. The Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove uses a steel body and subsequently allows campers to control airflow to the flames, meaning you can increase and decrease the airflow and therefore temperature, the benefit to the Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove is the ease of being able to lift smoke up and out of the campsite. Whilst bringing the comfort and warmth of your campfire right up underneath your shelter, whether that be an awning or a gazebo!

An additional pro tip to get more out of your Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer, is to top up your Fridge Freezer in the evening, along with the external temperature being lower, your drinks will be a lower temperature too, meaning the internal compressor won’t have to work as hard to drop the temperature down, which is added to by the likelihood overnight for campers to open the fridge to access drinks and snacks, the length of time the fridge has to operate unimpeded until the morning. 

With all of these tips and tricks camping is so much easier for more advice head to or call one of our experts on 1800 88 39 64 or visit one of our Australia wide stores.

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