Pro Camping Tips Straight from the Track: Our top 5 Tips!


There are dozens of options for setting up your campsite this winter, if you didn’t know any better you’d be easily forgiven for heading down to the local sports equipment store and picking up the cheapest tent you can find, a $5 poly tarp and hoping for the best. Although this might work, but what if we told you, you could have a camping setup that is the envy of all your mates.

These are our top 5 must have bits of gear, that will definitely make a massive impact on the way you get out camping. If you plan your trip right, and pack the right gear, you can save yourself plenty of money with free campsites all over Oz – and even make sure you have the best time off the beaten path!



An awning is a convenient shelter that easily mounts to the side of your vehicle. The Adventure Kings Range of Awnings, are one of the best value shelters’ that you can setup over the top of your campsite. These epic shelters are fully waterproof which makes keeping off the rain during an epic downfall and also rated to a massive UPF50+ keeping the harsh Aussie sun off even through the colder months all whilst making sure your family doesn’t roast at the beach during the summer months.

The range includes one of our latest releases of awnings with the release of the 270° King Wing Awning which features a massive 11 m² of fully waterproof coverage and boasting UPF50+ protection which 


The solid build construction of the Adventure Kings Awnings means that no matter how rough the weather is you will always have shelter over your head, not to mention all of the high quality accessories you can easily add to enhance the performance of your shelter such as an Awning wall, Awning Tent, or even an Awning model that includes an LED Light built into the awnings integrated sail track.t that attaches underneath offering a completely sheltered and customizable space at camp!


2.Keep things fresh! 

When you are relaxing at home, you can make a casual trip to the fridge and grab a cool refreshing drink or keeping your food and perishables in the fridge fresh for days on end. Until very recently, when you are off the grid this convenience has been something you had no choice to give up.

Modern 4WD’s have been taking advantage of the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer is one of the most affordable portable fridges on the market, they also are one of the most efficient 12v fridges in Oz – with the internal capacity large enough to fit up to 88 can capacity!

The Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer takes advantage of a SECOP internal compressor which can drop the temp down to -18°C and uses less than 1 Amp of battery capacity every hour ensuring you never run out of battery in the morning!



With shorter daylight hours, Camp LED Lighting can be a tricky thing, making sure you have enough alkaline batteries for everyone’s torches can turn into a daunting task, only to find out you bought AA batteries when instead you might have needed AAA size instead!

To make sure you have enough LED lighting all night long, you should definitely grab yourself a set of bright LED camp lights like the Illuminator 5 Bar camp light kit – with 5 separate IP65 water resistant LED Lighting strips each fitted with permanent magnets on either end, you will have enough power to light your whole campsite and with individual dimmer/ on-off switches.

Being completely customizable and easily connecting to your vehicles 12v system you’ll have plenty of lighting power for days on end!

4.Sleep system

When you are heading out, far from the nearest hotel, bringing comfortable bedding with you makes a lot of sense, however, you’re probably going to need a little more than just a mattress – which is where things can either be made simple, or extremely complicated.

Our favorite way to get our offroad camping setup sorted is with one of Australia’s favorite swags, the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double – this beast of a swag includes a fully waterproof outer, with ripstop poly-grid to make it stronger, it also includes an extremely comfortable 70mm thick mattress making sure even on rough surfaces, you’ll sleep like a log!

Cushioning isn’t everything, another factor you need to consider is how warm you’ll be, this is where one of the most versatile sleeping bags in the 4WDing world comes in – the Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping bag, which features a removable flannel liner, which keeps you warm, whilst also being able to remove for summer camping, making this bag suitable for +5°C right down to -5°C!


5.Solar charging!

This tip is one of the most critical pieces of camping gear for your camping setup, by allowing you to passively charge your 12v back up to full charge, silently and virtually cost free!

Within the range of Adventure Kings Solar panels, is a system to suit just about everybody – from compact and portable systems like the 10W USB portable solar panel all the way up to the beasty 250W Folding Solar Panel which is capable of running a full camping setup including your 12v Fridge/freezer and camp lighting with power to spare!

Camping no longer means you have to rough it, with all of the bells and whistles for comfortable campsite living easily falling within your budget you can head out with the most kitted out camping setup from Adventure Kings and hit the tracks with change in your pocket!

To find out the perfect upgrades for your campsite for this winter, you should definitely head to one of our stores, call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or even visit us online at for the latest deals on the best value gear in Oz!

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