Portable Generators: powering everything anywhere


Generating electrical power where and when you need it is a relatively new concept, particularly when looking at an affordable practical and lightweight 240v generators. With Adventure Kings attention to what campers need, they developed and engineered their comprehensive range of 4 stroke Generators, for anything for odd jobs around the house, emergency power during outages and even for farmers needing portable high output power for high power requirements.

The massive range of efficient generators includes the enclosed range starting with a compact lightweight 2Kva setup which being enclosed, offers campers a slightly quieter setup boasting a whisper quiet 57.8dB output and up to 2000W of pure sine wave 240v power to run everything from coffee machines, toasters and even a hair dryer whilst being smooth enough for running sensitive electronics such as laptops too!

Stepping up you also have the option for a powerful 3000W system which is still enclosed, but offers an additional 1000w of power to crank your setup along, this is great for grey nomads looking for a system that can power up their built in air conditioning whilst also running the internal lighting on their caravans whilst only making approximately 3.0dB more than the 2Kva model!

Moving forward you will discover the open caged models, these are considered our industrial models, thanks to their tough steel external chassis which can be secured at a jobsite and run all day long thanks to the incredible fuel capacity.

The Adventure Kings 2KVA Open Caged generator offers the same output as the enclosed system whilst offering 10L of fuel capacity which is 6 more than its counterpart in the lineup, additionally the open cage design has nearly 150% the displacement with a whopping 119cc which means it runs cooler on less fuel whilst also working less hard for the same performance, without the outer shrouds it is a slight bit noisier but a much better option for the jobsite or in the shed as an emergency backup that might have to run for days at a time!


The open caged range doesn’t stop here, with a slightly larger 3500W model the 3.5Kva open generator has become a tradie favourite thanks to its ability to power large angle grinders, drop saws all whilst recharging cordless tools, this versatility has led to this beast becoming the choice for both campers and worksites and thanks to its 13L Fuel tank will happily run all day long without needing to be topped up, but keeping an eye on the fuel level is made easy thanks to the built in fuel gauge.

The 3500W model still uses a pure sign wave inverter all powered by a smooth output 212cc 4 stroke donk. Making this one of our most cost effective and efficient generators whilst still being pure sine wave output to maximise the functionality on the tracks and at remote work sites!

Finally we have the big boss Adventure Kings 5.5KVA Generator – this monster generator boasts an unbelievable output from the 13HP motor, this is also able to be pull started as well as fitting a battery to have a simple electric push button start (with a key for security) designed for use around the farm or in the bush to power electricity hungry options such as  light duty stick welders for steel repairs in the middle of a paddock!

To find out more about the entire range of Adventure Kings Generators call us on 1800 88 39 64, jump online to www.4WDSupacnetre.com.au or visit us in store to talk with an expert on exactly the right generator for your application along with all the other in store bargains!

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