Our top 5 gear tips for getting away this long weekend!



The Easter long weekend is the perfect time to get away from the rat race with the family and friends and get out camping in Australia’s rugged and scenic landscapes – but do you know exactly what gear you need to bring to ensure you have the best setup at camp?

These are our top 5 MUST HAVE Easter holiday gear essentials to make sure you and your family have the best possible time this weekend, and make your campsite the envy of all your mates!


As with every year, the Easter long weekend can be a bit of a punish with the harsh weather, with everything from sunshine to pouring rain, this is why having the best shelter at camp makes a massive difference to how much comfort and enjoyment you can have whilst kicking back and sipping on one of your favorite drinks!

The Adventure Kings Awning range has to be one of the best value vehicle mounted shelters in Australia, with anything from 2.8m2 from the convenient 1.4mx2m rear awning the way up to the most popular shelter in the range the 2.5×2.5m which offers campers 6.25m2 of shelter when the weather kicks in. Coupled with an Adventure Kings Awning Wall you can easily double your sheltered space and give your setup heaps more privacy in popular camp spots.

The entire awning range offers 100% waterproofing and have been independently rated to shelter the maximum uv rays possible with a upf50+ rating all for one of the best prices in Oz with a durable and easy to set up design!

If your vehicle hasn’t got roof racks or you prefer a ‘basecamp’ style of setup then the Adventure Kings Gazebo range is right up your alley – 100% free standing and fully waterproof and UPF50+ available in a 3m x 3m or a 6m x 3m they make setting up camp take just a matter of seconds, and give you somewhere to sit out of the elements the whole long weekend!

#2 Comfortable bedding!

Long weekend escapes take their toll on unseasoned campers, lets be serious 4-5 nights on the deck aren’t good for those more used to sleeping in a real bed, this is why making sure you have the perfect type of bedding this Easter long weekend could make or break your trip.

Lucky for you Adventure Kings offers a massive range of bedding from Swags, Roof Top Tents and even self-inflating mattresses to suit all different styles of camping setup. Propping you up off the ground for the comfiest nights sleep.

Additionally, with the variable weather conditions from sunny warm days to windy rainy cold, you will want to make sure you can stay warm at night. This is why we highly recommend grabbing yourself a pair of Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bags, not only are they comfy down to a chilly -5°C they are also modular allowing you to remove the lining for warmer nights and also zip two together for supreme comfort when sharing warmth with your better half!


#3 Stay cool!

The Easter long weekend is about spending time with your family and friends, and nothing is more important to larger groups than keeping the refreshments cold – the Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer range is PERFECT for keeping all your drinks snacks and meals at the perfect temperature to last all weekend!

The range includes a 45L a 60L and even a dual zone 65L for keeping frozen goods, all fridge freezers in the fridge freezer range feature SECOP internal compressors which are an industry standard for high efficiency 12v Fridge freezer systems and can even be plugged in at home as a bar fridge into your home 240V plug.

#4 Cooking

Everyone has a master chef in the group, someone who loves to cook up a storm, with up to 5 nights in the bush these holidays you are going to need a versatile setup. This is why we recommend the Gasmate Voyager BBQ, because it uses a single LPG burner with a full internal piezo ignitor it can be used even during a fireban in many places.

The Voyager BBQ can roast fry bake and BBQ all your favorite meals thanks to the integrated hood and built in thermometer!

The Adventure Kings range has everything you need to cook up your favorite meals in the bush, even on the coals of a campfire!


#5 You can’t spell relaxation without RELAX!

With stacks of spare time this weekend you will want a reliable way to kick back and relax at camp, there is no easier way in our opinion than with one of the functional and comfortable camp chairs in the Adventure Kings range. With tough fold out camp chairs like the Adventure Kings Throne, which can offer campers a chair that has up to 300kg carrying capacity, or the Adventure Kings Directors chair which features a handy small table to hold your drink and cheese and bickies for sunsets, and finally the Adventure Kings Reclining Chair, which features a 50mm thick foam backing and can recline a huge 150° which is more than many reclining chairs at home!


No matter what gear you take with you one of the best things you need to keep in mind, your attitude is 90% of what will make your trip enjoyable at camp is how positive you are – make sure you keep positive and you will see everyone has a great time at camp this Easter!

For this gear plus more head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au or call our experts on 1800 88 39 64 or even visit one of our stores on Saturday or Monday for those last minute bits of gear or even to replace your old worn out gear on your way home, ready to go for next time!

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