Lhasa Apsos Are Wonderful Companions But High Maintenance – Know What You Are Getting Into

“She’s fairly easy going and friendly, but she doesn’t really show her emotions very much. She’s a little hard to get to know, but once you do she is loyal and sweet. But if you irritate her…Watch Out!”

Perhaps you have a friend like this. Or maybe it sounds like you. It fits many of us – but is also a perfect description for a Lhasa Apso.

Deserved Reputation?

These dogs have a reputation for being “nippy” – especially with children. But often this is a result of not being exposed to the “excitement” that children carry around with them everywhere they go. Lhasa Apsos love a calm environment and do best in a quite household, which may be the reason why you see them mostly with seniors.

Early training with adults and children seems to be the key to making a Lhasa Apso “sociable.”

Appearance, Grooming and Exercise

Average Lhasa Apsos stand about 10 – 12 inches tall and weight around 15 pounds.

They have LONG hair and a lot of it. Their coat is heavy and it mats easily. They will require daily brushing and grooming. They can be trimmed for easier care.

They also need 2 to 3 short walks a day to stay healthy.

The ASPCA cautions inexperienced dog owners against getting Lhasa Apsos. They suffer from several breed-related health concerns in addition to the above requirements.

These are high maintenance dogs.


They Lhasa Apso of today was known in Tibet in the 800 A.D. and possibly as early as 800 B.C. The “little lions” were important watchdogs in Buddhist temples and monasteries.

Source by Jamie M. Clark

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