Lake Guntersville State Park in North East Alabama!


Located in the Tennessee Valley Lake Guntersville overlooks the 69,000-acre Guntersville Reservoir stretching 75 miles from Nickajack Dam to Guntersville Dam. The whole lake is surrounded my Public boat ramps and private marinas. The lake is Property of the T.V.A. and was created in 1939 by a Damn.

Guntersville State park has 6,000 acres of Natural Woodlands. There is an 18-hole championship Golf Course, a beach complex, hiking trails, and plenty of swimming areas! You can also find Cabins, camping and all the fishing you could ever handle! There are 321 camping sites some with power and some primitive! They have a hot shower house, Grills, tables, a country store and plenty of Places to play.

Guntersville has 3 sites on the North Alabama Birding Trail. The area is home to Red-breasted Mergansers, Hooded Grebes, Lesser Scaup, Red-necked Grebes, Gadwalls, Common Loons, oublecrested Cormorant, the Bald Eagle, and the D Osprey. There are many area to look off of so be sure to bring your camera!

There are Deer, Raccoons, possums, mountain lions, Snakes, squirrels, mink, duck, as well as other Critters around the lake! IT provides the perfect Habitat and great source of water for the animals. Much of the lake area was habitat for Indians and Animals until the completion of the damn! T.V.A. locked the damn down and soon backwater covered the area!

I grew up camping on the lake at Guntersville and had the opportunity to watch the awesome sunsets! During the summers I spent many of days watching the deer and swimming! During mid summer it can get pretty busy around the area and the winters it is very quiet and a great place to watch the deer and other wildlife!

There is a resort lodge on top of Taylor Mountain and chalets with breath-taken views of Lake Guntersville and awesome fireplaces! You can dine at the Pinecrest Dining Room while you stay at the Resort! If you haven’t seen the sunset off of the lake you are missing out!

There are many things to do around the area! You have great fishing, water skiing, canoeing, bird watching, eagle watching, camping or just site seeing! The lake has hosted over 30 Bass Master Tournaments and brings national attention to the Lake! So you might want to make plans early and find out what is going on in the area!

If you get bored and want more to check out! Within 15 minutes you can be at Morgan’s cove or Buck’s Pocket or even High Falls! The whole area around Guntersville State Park is awesome and has many Things to do! There are Cabin Vacation Rentals and Chalets all around the lake and is a great place to Stay year around!

Come to Lake Guntersville and see if you can see a Bald Eagle! Or come for some serious bass fishing in the milfoil or hydilla weed beds! If you’re a serious camper or just a nature lover Lake Guntersville is the right place for you! Just remember that the summers can get very busy and finding a camping spot can be hard on the weekends! If you reserve your space you will be smiling about it later! So get that boat tuned and oil those rod and reels, Lake Guntersville is waiting for you!

Source by Johnny Chandler

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