Getaway camping with your dog!


We all love our doggo’s and with the wish to bring them with us when we hit the tracks is beyond belief, after all our pooch is an integral part of our families too!

The reality is, when you are searching for a camping location that you will find it increasingly harder and harder to find a campsite that will let you bring your doggo along with you. So listen closely and we will help you figure out a good way for you to escape with your best bud without being hassled by park rangers or campsite managers.  

Before doing anything or heading anywhere, you need to double check the local rules regarding bringing your dog with you to your chosen destination. Whilst some places don’t explicitly ban dogs, it’s a good idea to do a quick search online to see what you can find sometimes people will post info online on blogs, or even on camping forums. If you still haven’t found a definite no, then you are probably in luck.

The objective now is keeping your pup low key, there are many reasons why you don’t want to draw attention to your best bud, the biggest being that drawing attention, means that someone might complain, this is the way things get banned outright removing any doubt that you aren’t allowed to bring your dog in future.

This means that your dog needs to be absolutely well behaved, and on top of that also needs to have at least a collar and leash when you first get to camp, if there are other people around your curious pup may want to investigate, and despite how much you love buddy, not everyone likes dogs and this could get you and your pup reported to the authorities regardless of how innocent their interaction might have been.

Now you are at camp, with your best bud, you are keeping a relatively low key, you need to bring all the things you need to help your dog stay happy at camp, just like humans your dog needs essentials to eat and drink plenty of water, as well as a comfy place to sleep.

The first thing to bringing your dog to camp is by making sure you have securely packing their food inside your Kings Fridge Freezer, whether it comes in tins, plastic packets or whatever, it’s a good idea to portion out enough food before time, and vacuum seal them using the Adventure Kings Vacuum Sealer this clever device means you can portion exact amounts of doggo’s favourite foods and parcel them out preventing dog food from ending up spilled through the inside of your fridge freezer.

Regardless of the weather, pup’s need shelter just like we do, this is why adding an Adventure Kings Awning to your setup is critical, you can add an Adventure Kings Awning Wall to give you a place to put dogs bed at night, additionally if you were wise enough to fit your camping rig with an Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent coupled with a 4 man annex  you will have a built in way to keep a close eye on the doggo and make sure they are not running around in the bush when you are getting your beauty sleep.

There is plenty of gear in the Adventure Kings range that can help you make your dogs escape much more enjoyable, to find out more information about campsite setups head to call us on 1800 88 39 64 or visit our experts in store and  ask them how you can make your pups trip away much more enjoyable, for both of you!

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