Get AWOL more this year!


Getting away can seem like a bit of a challenge, but it is important that you make time to escape, particularly over the long cold months of the year, without the spare time before and after work with all the extra hours of sunlight through the week, time to recharge and rejuvenate yourself through the toughest time of the year!

If you are an eager person and love to head into the bush, it is critical to commit. Many people fail to get into this mindset, but setting yourself a deadline to go away and inviting everyone you can think of is basically your best bet to getting into the bush!

Whilst many people you invite may pull out, it is important that you still commit and head away, even if this means you get out with your partner, family or even just on your own.

With solo camping on the cards, you can even choose to head out on your own to experience the true peace and quiet in the bush – The Adventure Kings Single Escape Swag is perfect for solo camping, not only is it more compact than some of the bigger counter parts on the market but it sets up a little quicker too!

If you are solo camping then you are definitely going to need a simple and easy way to prepare your meals on the tracks and we cant think of a better way than preparing your food over your campfire, using the hot coals you not only keep warm but also can give you all the cooking heat you need to roast fry bake and cook up all the tastiest meals. One of our simplest ways to cook over your coals, Bedourie Camp Oven, or an Adventure Kings Essential BBQ Plate. By taking advantage of your coals you don’t need to bring a gas bottle as well as firewood, there is something extremely rewarding about sitting by a small campfire and watching the flames dance and flicker.

With your bedding and food covered, you are probably wanting a refreshing drink, this is where a compact and highly efficient Adventure Kings 45L Fridge Freezer comes in handy, the internal capacity will fit a massive 67x 375ml cans inside, that is an incredible amount of refrigerated space and will definitely benefit you for solo trips, and even shorter trips with the whole family!

When getting prepped for solo trips away, simple is definitely better, and for a simple,compact, affordable and easy campsite, noone has you covered like Adventure Kings does! 

When you are itching to escape you should never discount solo trips away, if no one else is primed and ready, make them all jealous and hit the tracks solo this weekend, you never know how good the weekend could be!

For more information about the possibilities of your solo camp site, head to our website or call us on 1800 88 39 64 or visit us in store to talk to our experts!

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