Fresh Air and Not Being Mauled Are My Favorite Things About Camping With Guard Alaska Bear Spray

Bear Spray

It’s still cold here in the Midwest but April is 2 short days away and the warm weather will be here soon enough. I love the summer because it allows me the opportunity to do my favorite thing in the world and that is to go camping. Now, when I say camping I mean real honest-to-goodness camping in tents, not a big shiny Winnebago (although if someone is giving one away I’ll take it). I just love the outdoors and everything about camping, the campfires, fresh air, star filled skies at night and most of all I am just head-over-heels in love with not being mauled to death by bears.

There is nothing like a day of hiking and swimming, followed by a night around the campfire roasting marshmallows and then falling asleep under the stars without being viciously attacked by a 400 pound black bear. I would follow this schedule every day for the rest of my life if I could. I haven’t actually taken a poll or researched this but I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of camping enthusiasts, if not every last one of them, prefers to enjoy their time outdoors without being the victim of a fatal bear attack. Fortunately for myself, and for lovers of the outdoors everywhere, there is a very simple measure we can take to help ensure that we are not the victim of a bear attack when camping, hiking or just enjoying the great outdoors, and that simple measure is Guard Alaska bear spray.

Guard Alaska bear spray works very much the same way that pepper spray works on a human attacker. The spray is a highly concentrated defensive spray that burns the nose, eyes, throat and lungs like crazy when it makes contact. The range on Guard Alaska is about 15-20 feet (depending on wind and weather conditions) which should provide ample room and time to point and spray the bear in its face. From the testimonials I have heard and videos I have watched the bear will more often than not turn tail and retreat after being sprayed.

Believe it or not, bear spray can be more effective than most guns in stopping a bear attack. What do you think a bullet from a low caliber rifle or handgun is going to do to an angry half-ton grizzly bear? Probably just piss it off more than it already is. Not only can Guard Alaska be more effective than a firearm, it is infinitely more humane than a gun. Firearms can kill, or at the very least permanently wound the bear whereas the effects of bear spray are not permanent and in almost all cases leave the bear with no permanent side effects. The spray is even endorsed by the EPA as it contains no harmful chemicals for the environment.

So if you are planning on hiking, camping, climbing, swimming, running or anything else you can think of in bear populated areas please do yourselves and your loved ones a favor and be sure to carry Guard Alaska bear spray with you at all times.

Stay Safe,

Carl V.

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