Fight the Frost this cold season!

Despite what the travel guides and pamphlets at the travel agents, Australia can experience 5 seasons in a day including a real-world winter – whilst the temperatures here aren’t as low as say the rocky mountain’s or the French alps during the peak of winter.

Whilst alpine regions across the globe regularly plummet well under 20°C below zero, Australia’s capital city average minimum temperature through winter is rarely below zero, temps in more remote areas regularly drop below zero into freezing temperatures!

There are many ways to combat the frost this winter, and one of the best ways is by having the right gear for the job, there’s no point in getting all the way into the bush to have your equipment let you down.

There are a couple of essentials you MUST bring with you to make sure you stay warm, dry and happy at camp during the winter!


You need to consider setting yourself up with a reliable campsite shelter, there are a handful of options that offer campers reliable and a comfortable night sleep. Starting with the famous and reliable Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, this has become the workhorse of the Australian camping industry and has found its way as being the status quo sleeping setup all across the country.


Featuring a heavy duty 400gsm ripstop canvas outer, and a heavy-duty PVC bucket flooring and comes with a huge 70mm thick mattress which is all designed to keep you isolated from the elements – one of the key benefits to having such a thick mattress underneath you is the additional insulation afforded underneath you protecting your core temperature from dropping through the night.

The next option in the Adventure Kings Range is one of our epic Roof Top tent setup’s, by getting up off the cold ground you instantly gain plenty of additional warmth even on the coldest nights, with the added benefit of the canvas outer trapping in the heat you will sleep well no matter what the weather is doing.

One of the most overlooked campsite upgrades for staying warm is an adequate sleeping bag – this is where the Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bag comes into its own! A pair of Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bags are designed to be zipped together which means you are able to share warmth with your significant other they are also rated to a comfortable -5°C if you are on your own, or more if you share the warmth!

At night time, relaxing at camp you may reserve yourself to the chill, whilst it may be bearable you can sit comfortably underneath your Adventure Kings Side Awning with the warmth of a fire, thanks to the Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove you can kick back in ultimate comfort. The Camp Oven Stove offers a completely self-contained fireplace that is compact and light weight enough to bring with you no matter where you set up camp. The ability to set up your campsite with your fire underneath your shelter and deflecting the smoke and excess heat up and away from your camp thanks to the extended and adjustable chimney.

Additionally, tasty meals cooked over the coals of your campfire will help you to stay warm – to successfully do this, get your hands on a Bedourie Camp Oven, with a Bedourie Oven you can roast and fry all your favorite meals right on your campfire!


Don’t freeze at camp this winter, the Adventure Kings range has you covered – for more information head to or call us on 1800 88 39 64 or visit us IN STORE!

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