Experience Paris on the Grand River – Toronto’s Nearby Southern Ontario Getaway

Grand River

The famous cliche “An Evening in Paris” truly fits the setting of the prettiest town in Southern Ontario. The town of Paris is located in a valley surrounded by rivers. This is an old town named after the “Plaster of Paris” mined in the valley during 1820. There are numerous boutiques and cafes nestled along a riverside landscape. Through the town flows the beautiful Grand River. The pace here is slower…the traffic less…and the space is open!

In the surrounding Grand River Valley…families, friends and romantics can create their own getaway. This countryside town is an amazing “off path” discovery…three miles from a 403 highway exit…60-90 minutes from Toronto-Niagara areas.

This “little-town” setting offers a smorgasbord of activities. Within 15 minutes one can be experiencing a wilderness paddle by canoe, kayak or raft. There is excellent bass fishing, golfing and cycling trails. There is even spring whitewater rafting and secluded wilderness camping. The richness of the Carolinian wildlife and fauna makes the valley a hiker’s paradise.

The downtown business center of Paris is healthy, with a large array of shops, riverside cafes, restaurants and old gothic/cobblestone buildings. There is the famous Mary Maxim wool-craft retail shop and Halls Linens, which attract people from all across Canada.

In the evening one can stroll along the Grand River to the old dam or walk along the meandering Nith River through Lion’s Park. Experiencing dusk along the river beside the murmuring water is good medicine for the soul.

If wishing an extended stay, the flavor of the local Bed & Breakfasts accents the experience of the town. There is the countryside setting of River Ridge B&B, the semi-rural Country Manor or the in-town Behind the Pines. Paris also hosts excellent food from the award winning Camp 31 ribs to the succulent prime rib of the Cedar House.

Paris’s location makes it a hub for day trips. Within one hour, visitors can step into the era of horse and buggy in Mennonite country. Or enjoy a day at the sand beaches of Lake Erie. Thirty minutes away are numerous aboriginal culture centers of the Six Nations, the largest population of Iroquois in Canada…the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora plus Delaware and New Credit Missasauga.

Another unique feature in the valley is the ability for visitors to go online to plan their day trip or getaway in Paris. This online service offers a smorgasbord of activities with restaurants, accommodations and adventures…all price listed.

With this smorgasbord concept, people can choose an itinerary to fit their time frame and budget…reducing surprises! The true surprise is discovering such unexpected beauty so close to Toronto.

Today everything is packaged from TV dinners to vacations. If tired of following the “paint-by-number” crowd… and wanting some space and diversity… then discover Paris… the gateway to the Grand River Valley.

A scenic spot on Southern Ontario’s map…definitely worth visiting!

Source by Garth Pottruff

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