Drag out the right gear for the job!

Have you ever wondered how the pros get their 4WD’s free when you are watching weekend TV programs and their team smashes deep mud puddles, gnarly hill climbs, crawling over rocks, and along the beaches? The shots look like they are driving along with incredible dexterity in their large 4WDs. The question always arises, what does a professional do when things don’t go to plan. Watching these 4WDing shows they edit the shots, so when they get stuck, the whole team jumps in with the perfect recovery solution for the situation in a matter of seconds, in reality, this would be a minutes long conversation over the UHF Radio, discussing options, backups, redundancy measures and even the best and safest possible options for getting the 4WD back on track so to speak!

With the recovery options you have to choose from you generally have 2 main options, the first being dynamic recoveries, this uses a spring like function to jerk your 4WD free with stored kinetic energy. This is highlighted with the typical “snatch strap” style recovery, where a towing vehicle pulls the stuck vehicle from its rated recovery point using an engineered and rated elastic strap that stores the forward pull from the towing vehicle, and in a controlled and safe manner snaps tight to pull the stuck 4WD free.

Whilst this snatch recovery method is extremely easy and affordable when compared to more technical recoveries, however, will require at least 60 meters in the direction of pull and needs an extremely straight and level surface to be considered safe. With these limitations in mind, the next choice you have to getting your 4WD free from trouble is to dig like you have never dug before with a simple shovel and remove all of the ground material that is obstructing your 4WD from driving freely additionally dropping your tyre pressures down a little more than they were initially set when you are offroad, this makes sure you have a

Digging may just give you the ability to get out and reverse in low range and attempt the section of track again!

If this doesn’t work it is time to bring out the big guns! The Adventure Kings Domin8r X 7.2HP Winch has become one of the go-to recovery devices, thanks to its 12,000lb pull strength and the ability to double the pulling force and increase the control of a recovery thanks to a snatch block pulley and sturdy anchor point.

The benefit to using the Domin8r X Winch to pull your 4WD free is the ultimate control you have in the palm of your hand, whilst the winch only has a 7.2HP motor but with a full 12,000lbs of pulling power that can be quickly doubled giving you twice as much pull and half as much speed. Coupled with a reliable anchoring point you will have flawless recoveries no matter where you are.

this is where the Adventure Kings Hercules Complete Recovery Kit comes in handy – Built absolutely solid and coupled with a handful of extremely useful accessories will get your vehicle so much further offroad, the Adventure Kings Hercules Complete Recovery Kit can provide you with all the requirements for reliable 4WD snatch recoveries and winch recoveries along with even including a shovel and a purpose made Kwiky Tyre Deflator.

To find out more about the ideal professional setup for 4WD recoveries head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call 1800 88 39 64 or even drop into one of our stores to speak to an expert in person, they will help you figure out the best and most cost effective recovery setup for your 4WD!

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