Different Uses For Camping Stoves

When you hear or talk about camping stoves, you probably think it’s just used for camping. Well I beg to differ on that issue. There are a wide array of uses for a portable stove that are easily adaptable for picnics, sports venues, graduation parties, backyards, emergency use, or family gatherings to name a few. Hence, the reason: they are manageable to use anywhere you may need them. Here are four tips of some popular uses of a portable camp stove.

First, a popular place in utilizing a stove is at a picnic with family and friends. What a wonderful tradition to establish with your family, meeting at a near-by park and sharing in the food prepared and creating activities for lasting memories. I speak from experience as my parents did that with my three siblings and me when we were growing up. Memories I still cherish today. For example, a two burner camp stove we used heated up vegetables while the portable grill cooked the burgers and the hot dogs. Certainly, what we used back in the day sufficed our needs, but the technologies on these devices now are much more sophisticated.

Next, graduation is not far off and maybe you are planning an outdoor party for that graduate. Why not take a long a propane BBQ grill to help with the grilling for a large group. Usually, at the parks, you may have an open grill pit available, but adding the extra grill will come in handy to feed those hungry guests. I know this worked for us at my nephew’s graduation party to have that extra grilling station.

In addition, maybe you have an interest in going to sporting events such as football or baseball games. This would be the perfect place to bring your portable grill and two burner stoves. There is nothing more exciting than cooking out-of-doors and sharing that experience with other great fans.

Furthermore, camp stoves may serve you for emergency purposes. You never know when a disaster may strike from a tornado, spring flooding, or from electrical outages. Why not be prepared with a butane single burner stove. Some single burners have options for indoor use, of course well ventilated, as well as outdoor use. On the other hand, maybe you need an extra burner at your campsite or backyard gathering.

Lastly, as you can see there are many uses and you may be able to think of more than what I mentioned here. Whatever your use for a camp stove besides camping there are fantastic options out there to choose from and owning more than one kind can enhance your experiences. Be creative and enjoy cooking in the great outdoors.

Source by Polly Mary J. Bowen

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