Camping Skin Care Tips | Camping for Women

By Amanda Moore

Exploring the outdoors doesn’t have to mean neglecting your skin. As your body’s largest organ, your skin protects you from dirt and debris, and at the end of a long day by the lake or hiking in the woods, it deserves plenty of love and attention. camping may limit your usual stockpile of skincare, but it’s important to bring along the necessities to protect your skin during your time in the wild.


Just follow these camping skin care tips…


Camping Skin Care Tips 1

Before Your Trip

When packing skincare products in preparation for your camping trip, you’ll need to be extra conscious of space, scent, and quantity. Although at home your skincare routine might involve several steps, it could be more practical to limit it to the basics:

  • Cleanse
  • Moisturize
  • Sun damage prevention.


Consider Climate

Be sure to consider the climate you’ll be camping in. If you’re in an arid location, bring extra moisturizer and lip balm to keep your skin from tightening and flaking. If the lake is calling or you know you’ll be out all day in the sun, make sure to pack and use sunscreen regularly to prevent burns.


Consider Convenience

Consider bringing two-in-one wipes for your face and body to wipe away grime, and pack airplane-regulation sized bottles of your favorite face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Avoid bringing large glass jars or heavy containers to spare yourself the weight. If you want to stay glam while camping, bring waterproof versions of items like mascara or eyebrow gel, but keep your skin clean and natural.


Consider Nature

Most importantly for the outdoors, be sure that all these items are unscented and biodegradable. Fragrances attract mosquitoes, which means you’ll be itching like crazy if you bring along your favorite scented wipes; stick to clean, simple smells. Practice your new, adapted skincare routine the few days before your trip so that you have some time to get used to it before you’re busy in the great outdoors.


Camping skin care tips 3While You Are camping

At some point in a long day spent lounging by the water or hiking up a mountain trail, it might be tempting to wipe your face free of the dirt, sweat, and bugs. But be careful: cleansing your skin too many times dries out and damages your pores.

Instead, follow a strict routine of cleansing only in the morning and at night as you usually would at home. Make sure not to skip washing your face and applying moisturizer or sunscreen, even if you’re exhausted.

Built up residue can contribute to acne and breakouts, and even a slight sunburn can contribute majorly to skin damage.


Care for Lips

If you find that your lips are particularly suffering during your camping trip, lip scrubs are easy to make and will cure peeling. Grab some brown sugar and honey and mix it together in a small sealed pot, and you’re good to go.


Care for Face

To some, lugging around used wipes during your camping trip sounds annoying, so consider a more DIY method of cleansing your face. Small, reusable cotton rounds are easy to find in stores or make in advance; you can use your favorite face wash on a pad, rub your face clean, rinse, and repeat, without ever adding to your trash pile. You’ll keep your skin clean, healthy, and clog-free without overdoing it.


Once You Are Home

Returning home to a hot shower after a camping trip is a magical experience, but don’t end your pampering there. Book yourself a facial at a local spa and relax into some much-needed skincare that can help repair any damage or dryness post-camping.


DIY’s for Face

If you’re looking for even more skin care goodness, cook up your own DIY face mask at home. Rejuvenate dry skin with a face mask recipe that includes mashed banana. Simply combine the ingredients and applied directly to the face; just wait for ten minutes before rinsing with cold water.


Camping Skin Care Tips 2


To smooth and clean out inflamed pores affected by dirt and sweat, use a rosewater yogurt mask: one tablespoon plain yogurt mixed with one teaspoon honey and two tablespoons rosewater.


DIY for Sunburn

If you didn’t make it out of camping unscathed by a sunburn, try an oatmeal mask to calm redness and help the peeling process. Just mix half a cup of hot water with a third of a cup of oatmeal, two tablespoons of honey, and one egg white, and let sit for ten minutes before rinsing. Your skin will be refreshed, renewed, and ready to return to its normal routine.


Camping outdoors doesn’t mean sacrificing skin care; in fact, it’s absolutely essential to protect your skin from the harsh elements in order to avoid damage, dryness, and acne. Pack light before your trip, and don’t skip on any cleansing routines during your time camping. Whether or not your skin seems dry or damaged after your trip, be sure to take extra care of your skin when you return with a facial or DIY face mask. It went through a lot on that trip!

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