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By Shahin

For nature lovers, camping is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. camping is an exciting way to lose yourself in the lap of nature. It let you escape from the hectic and tedious day-to-day life. Do you know, there is no better feeling than staring at the stars at night? Indeed!

Moreover, it’s an excellent way to spend quality time with friends and family at the campfire. At the same time, camping requires a lot of planning and energy. True! It could be stressful until you don’t know how to camp like a champ. According to CampGrasp latest blog post, “No matter where you go or what you use for camping. It will be free of hassle and full of fun.”

Fair Enough! You must have camping setup ideas before you hit your favorite campground. There are lots of ways to make your camping easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable. A successful camp period depends on;

  • Suitable Gear
  • Advanced Preparation
  • Sustaining good habit in camp

However, let’s get straight to the point. Here are some setup ideas for your next camping trip.


Camping Setup Ideas for Novice Camper

Below we provide some ideas to make your next camping expedition easier. However, read through our guide for the perfect camping setup.


Before leaving home, make sure that you have all the necessary gear. The gear should be ready to use. Better you go be sure to make up camping and first-aid checklists. camping setup gear includes shelter, kitchen, fire, and security accessories. Before you leave;

  • Carefully examine equipment that has been sitting in storage.
  • Involve kids (if you are bringing kids) in preparation. Give them duffle bags to pack their things.
  • Pack strategically.


Organize Things

So, you have all your gear in place; now you are ready to grab and go! Before that, you need to organize things that you’ve brought from home. You can use the well-stocked camp crate to hold your gear.


Establishing Camp

In any camping trip, shelter comes first. So, you have to be careful here. Precisely select the best tent before you go camping. Check, is it good enough for you and your companion(s?). Now it’s time for installation. Select a good tent site and quickly set up your tent. Apart from that try to ensure the following;

  • Keep a few essential things in a fixed place for easier access. Like; spoons and forks in the blue tub, flashlights in the green stuff sack etc.
  • Tell your campmates to return items to a specific place, so that others can easily find them.
  • Keep important gear nearby. For example, keep a headlamp in a pocket, remember the location of your insulation layers, and rainwear. So, when you are in a rush, you can find them easily.
  • Make sure your camping partners remember your campsite’s location. You can mark on trees and also write down on cards.
  • Bring plenty of lights and place them on different points. You should also bring headlamps for each member. It would be better if the lamps are of different colors.

Kitchen Setup

One of the most essentials of camping is preparing and having meals. For meal preparation and serving, you should have all the necessary kitchen-related gear. Arrange a place near your tent for preparing the meal and storing the utensils as well. Check that you bring the following;

  • Cooking gear: Make sure to bring a stove, utensils, cookware, a cast iron pan, cutting board, foil, and Tupperware.
  • Firestarter or lighter to start the fire.
  • For cooking, you should bring condiments, like salt, pepper, herbs, spice kits, oil and so on.
  • Bring multifunctional tools, like a corkscrew, bottle opener, and so on.
  • Carry enough water in the water container.
  • Freezer or cooler- to keep your food fresh. Use gallons of water to use as ice in the cooler.
  • Bring some prepared meals from home. Like, chopped veggies, marinated meat, dry foods, and so on. Keep them in the cooler by putting into a bag.
  • Dishwashing accessories: Bring all the dishwashing accessories like soap, sponge, bleach, and scrubber. You can install your own dishwashing station near the camp. Besides, there are lots of tutorials available on the internet.


Comfortable Camp Furniture Set-Up

Although camp furniture is not essential yet you can carry if you have enough space in your RV or car. However, you can also bring portable furniture if you have a lack of space. Indeed, it’ll add comfort to your camp set up and enhance your mood.

Portable furniture includes hammocks, foldable bed, chair, table, and so on. Choose a tough tree to install your hammock and make sure to choose the place from where you can see the sky. Besides, keep the other furniture’s in a suitable position.


Consider Sleeping Set-Up

At the end of the busiest hiking or trailing day, you need a sound sleep. Hence, make sure you have adequately prepared with the sleeping system. If you do not have enough space or money to bring an additional portable bed. Then you can choose a sleeping bag and pad system. It should fit your body and surrounding conditions.

Moreover, few campers refer to using an inflatable mattress, which is perfect for warmer weather. You can also consider a cot system and a larger tent if you like to sleep above the ground.

Additional camping Setup Idea for Creating Perfect Campsite:

  • Try to select old rug area for tent set up. It will add a bit more comfort to your tent and helps to manage dirt.
  • You can add rope lights to spice up your tent. It will provide adequate lights inside the tent, so kids can play inside when adults stay busy.
  • To enhance the comfort in your sleeping bag, you can use a water bottle filled with hot or cold water.
  • Don’t forget to do a quick inspection at the end of each camping session and note down them. It’ll help you with the further camping trip.



A successful camping session not only depends on a proper camping setup but also depends on how you maintain it. So, try to adapt to this principle cheerfully and stay tidy. However, everyone has their own choice when it comes to a camp set up. Still, the above camping setup idea should be enough to get you started!


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