Awaken Awareness On Your Vacation – Redwood Trees

Have you dreamed of having your picture taken beside one of California’s Giant Redwood trees? It is always amazing to see a picture of a redwood tree that 20 people can stand around with their arms linked, and still barely reach around the entire tree. Visiting one of the remaining Redwood Forest Parks may be a great way to awaken your children’s ambitions for saving these beautiful trees and the animals that reside in and around them. The National Redwood and State Parks help to protect 45% of the remaining redwood trees left in California, which a little over 112,000 acres, where as a 150 years ago, it covered over 2 million acres. Many of these trees were cut down during the gold rush and by loggers.

The Save the Redwoods League went into effect in 1918, just after 90% of the redwoods had been logged. Many endangered species currently live in these parks and thrive on the trees for help in their everyday lives. Some of these are the Chinook salmon, northern spotted owls, brown pelicans and Steller’s Sea lions. If you and your family enjoy hiking, this may be just the vacation for you. There is almost no lodging in the area with limited camping areas, so you will need to pack a lunch for an outing in the Redwood Parks. camping is limited to 15 nights a year, in 5 day maximum intervals. You can really help bring awareness too your children and others by visiting one of these beautiful parks and spending time with nature.

Source by Eshwarya Patel

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