Winter is coming – Don’t let chilly temps catch you out!

Australia has a massive reputation all across the world as being in a state of perpetual summer, and when you consider how mild our winters are in comparison to some parts of the world this may still ring true, but if you have ever experienced a coastal winter you will know that despite the temperature rarely dropping below zero, that the high humidity and lack of frost means the temps feel extremely cold thanks to the high humidity.

Moisture in the air between the coast and the Great Dividing Range, mean your skins thermal conductivity is greater than places where there is less moisture in the air. Basically, even though it is warmer in degrees, it is often the case, where people from cold European countries and north America find the Australian (east coast) winters extremely bitter!

But don’t let the frosty (albeit warmer than ice) temps turn you off! you may find that with a little bit of appropriate preparation you will have a cozy time at camp and stay comfortable no matter how low the mercury drops!

When you head bush during the cooler months,  it is important to ensure even through the frosty nights, you will have a nice central heat source, when you are off grid your 240v space heater probably wont cut it unless you want to power a 4 stroke petrol generator into the late hours. This is where a wood fire heater like the Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove will be your best mate! By containing your fire up off the ground and allowing you to fully control the amount of airflow meaning you can prolong your firewood and adjust the temperature setting to just the perfect amount.

The Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove, is so versatile you can even set it up mostly underneath your campsite shelter and run the huge chimney which reaches a huge 2410mm above the ground allowing you to vent your campfire smoke up and above your campsite, with no more stinging eyes and no more moving seats as the wind changes direction, all from the comfort of sitting underneath your awning.

Another benefit to the Camp Oven Stove, is the three legs, which offer a location to dry out your firewood, simply placing your wood underneath allows the radiant heat from your campfire oven to quickly and efficiently dry your wood making your campfire more efficient!

Not to mention the ability to cook directly on the large flat top, with a removable plate to give you even more heat on your sauce-pans skillets and your Bedourie Camp Oven!

As much as you may want too, sitting around your campfire has to end at some point – When it gets later in the evening you will start getting sleepier, this is why having warm and comfortable bedding is important, it will mean you can stay warm all night long without getting the chills!

The Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bag offers everything you need for a cozy night’s sleep through the coldest depths of the night, with a zip in liner you can drop your sleeping bag temperature rating down to a cozy -5°C because of the comfortable flannel liner which doubles the insulation capabilities and with its square cut fits perfectly inside your swag, and with a left and right handed zipper you can zip two together to share warmth with your significant other.

The right gear for the job can definitely improve your comfort at camp this cold season, to find out more about upgrading your camp setup to suite the chilly months head into one of our stores or call 1800 88 39 64 or visit our website for the latest in camping gear to keep you warm this winter .

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