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Australia is a big place and with so much to see, you are probably wondering when the perfect time to get out there might be! Common wisdom would suggest in the summer time, however Australia gets seriously hot through summer and in many locations across Oz temps soar into the high 40 degrees Celsius, to just under 50°C. these temps are extreme, and in many cases is hot enough to melt the tar inside bitumen road base, with shoes melting to the surface and even third degree burns to unshod feet.


Whilst the harsh Aussie summer heat is a novelty to tourists, after a day or two it becomes exhausting – this is why it is critical to select the time you head into the great outback carefully to make sure you have the best time of your life when travelling around Australia! – the hazards associated with the high summer temperatures means that you have a little bit of homework to do to make sure you are heading to the perfect climate at the destination you are keen to head too.


Whatever the destination you need to visit, you can rest assure that your camping setup will make or break your entire experience, sometimes you don’t get to choose your destination, or time permits you to visit only during “off season”, which is why you need to employ a smarter camping setup to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible, no matter where you would like to set up at camp.

Starting with an Adventure Kings Awning coupled with at least one Awning Wall you have a 100% waterproof, rip resistant shelter that will not only keep the rain off, but block out the wind and offer you a UPF50+ shade which is more than enough to keep the blistering and harmful rays of the sun off your family and friends! This is critical when considering Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, our slip, slop, slap ads were extremely effective however they did not fully stem the tide. 

Along with a reliable shelter you should grab a way to keep all your drinks and food fresh and chilled to perfection no matter where you are heading, this is why we offer a massive range of reliable 12v Compressor based fridge freezer units to suit nearly any application. Starting with the Adventure Kings 45L Fridge freezer unit which offers push button operation for set and forget temperatures, resulting in in a truly easy to use system, the 45L capacity will fit a real world capacity of 67x regular sized cans, that capacity is mind-blowing. But if you need even more cold storage space you can turn to our tried and tested Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer which has all the same features such as a tough polyester body with polyurethane insulation and a SECOP compressor for maximum efficiency, this larger capacity can stash an incredible 88x regular sized cans inside which is insanity when you consider the size of a typical 30 can brick! And finally in the lineup we have our dual zone 70L Fridge freezer, which boasts 2 separately controllable internal sections which enable you to literally keep one side frosty cold and the other a more moderate temperature, making it ideal for setting up for longer journeys away, the dual zone 70L features a huge 105x can internal capacity making it our largest fridge by far.

Whilst 12v portable fridges have developed in leaps and bounds since the beginning of 4WD camping, they still consume power, this means you will have to eventually find a way to recharge your system, which is where a reliable 12v solar panel system comes in extremely handy, even through the cooler months. In most parts of Australia even through the cooler months may seem like you get less sunshine, the lower temperatures actually mean your solar panels will work more efficiently. This sounds crazy, but the lower the temperature the less resistance the circuitry experiences resulting in your fresh food and drinks along with your LED campsite lighting staying bright almost indefinitely, the best thing about efficient solar panels like those found in the Adventure Kings range is that they are so efficient that even when it is highly overcast, you will still get valuable amps put back into your battery to prolong your time at camp!

To find out more about getting your campsite sorted and setup properly for camping all year long, you should head to call us on 1800 88 39 64 or visit us in store!

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