You dont have to look far to find the best value Camping Gear!

We can’t think of a single retailer of 4WD and outdoor gear as dedicated to giving their customers the best possible price on incredible value gear!

Whilst you may have an idea of what you consider an incredible campsite, and if you have been shopping around, you will have found that many brands ask extremely high dollars for similarly built items.

This is why, the entire range of Adventure Kings gear offers campers a reliable and extremely cost-effective solutions for getting out and experiencing the great Australian dream.

We’re going to run over the whole range of Adventure Kings Gear and show you just what you can get from Adventure Kings for the same price as one of our retail competitor’s double swag!

With quick search online we found a simple double swag that was listed for a little over $640 including delivery to your door so this will be our budget for an entire Adventure Kings campsite build up for 2 people!

Starting with Oz’s favourite swag the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag it’s the favourite for a reason, fitted with a massive 70mm mattress out of the box, and being made out of a tough 400gsm rip stop polycotton canvas for ultimate durability comfort and cost effectiveness, the Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag is also extremely competitive for cost with more savings to be made by bundling your gear up in a combo.

At 4WD Supacentre you can bundle all of your favourites up in a combo for the ultimate setup with more savings left in your hip pocket. One of the best value bundles in the range is the Big Daddy Deluxe coupled with our Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bags, these boast a massive comfort range of temperatures from -5°C all the way up to +5°C thanks to their zip out removable flannel lining which literally doubles the insulation for frosty winter nights.

The other great feature of the Premium sleeping bag range is the mating zippers, many campers who are a couple can zip their left and right handed sleeping bags together to help share their warmth on the tracks making this epic sleeping bag and swag combo that much warmer for winter, increasing the versatility of the setup!

To get even better, value for money you can add a pair of Adventure Kings Thrones Camp Chairs to sweeten the deal, the throne camp chairs are build from reinforced steel frames which are rated to an unbelievable 300kg weight capacity which is one of the highest ratings available on the market, but not only that they are incredibly comfortable, these three essential products together come to a total today of $532 delivered to your door*.

Whilst we are somewhere around $100 short from our budget so you can imagine the next accessory you might need is a reliable way to cook up your meals! This is why you need an Adventure Kings Essential BBQ Plate, this BBQ plate is perfect for cooking up anything from steaks and snags, to the perfect campfire bacon and eggs straight over the hot coals of your campfire. All for under $35!

Finally the Adventure Kings Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit, this comprehensive kit includes 4 LED light strips that are magnetic and offer a location to zip tie and Velcro your lights to your setup, coupled with the ability to dim and completely switch of they are the perfect way to light up your campsite.


All of this comes to $616.90 so with nearly $30 left from our original budget you can walk away with more than just a swag, you will have 2x sleeping bags, 2x of the toughest camp chairs, a sturdy and simple campfire BBQ plate and the reliable, bright Illuminator 4 Bar Camp light kit.


As you can see the Adventure Kings range is incredible value for money. It is no wonder that Adventure Kings has become many Australian’s GO-TO brand for their camping gear supplies, if you are interested in finding out more visit our online store at call us on 1800 88 39 64 or drop on in and talk to one of our experts in person to see the entire Adventure Kings range in person and get the best possible price on your camping setup!

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