Don’t rely on smartphone navigation ever again!

Weekend escapes are the spice of life, but do you always head to the same locations when you get away? It is typical that people choose to escape to the same locations every time, it’s comfortable, easy, you are less likely to waste the limited time you have available to get out.

When thinking about the next escape, it is easy to get sucked into the trap of reliable escape locations, however we’re here to encourage you to do yourself a favour. There are many books published on escapes in your local area, and even a quick google search will flick up a handful of reliable results on new places to explore.

When you are searching, you will need a reliable way to navigate, to these destinations this is were a purpose built GPS navigation device – you can make the argument that your smart phone has an inbuilt GPS and with data based maps you can get to where you are going, but there is a serious flaw in this logic – most places worth going, are well out of reception range and your maps will simply glitch out when looking for more resolution.

The point of having a purpose made GPS navigator makes finding your way a piece of cake particularly when there is preloaded maps and turn by turn navigation!

The VMS Touring 700HDX uses a high clarity 7” full colour LED backlit LCD touch screen, with an SD card pre-loaded with 3000+ maps including topo details for navigating beyond well beaten paths ANYWHERE in oz! The other benefit to having a purpose made GPS system is the ability to re-route and back track when things seem to be getting out of hand on the tracks you are on!


The VMS Touring 700 HDX includes details of over 1000+ free campsites to get you a place to setup your swag. The VMS uses a touch screen for intuitive navigation, and with its incredible battery life gives you up to 4 hours of figuring out, where you are going by the campfire whilst the device is completely unplugged and off grid!

The VMS Touring 700HDX was developed with a certain level of modularity, being able to be connected to a reversing camera offering much more clarity when reversing out of the driveway and even when negotiating sections of tough track for ultimate stress free 4WDing!


To find out more about our favourite offroad navigator and how to install VMS Touring 700 HDX and associated accessories, you can easily get your weekend escapes dialed in for maximum benefit when you hit the tracks – you can visit us at or call us on 1800 88 39 64 or drop by one of our stores or dealers and speak to an expert for the best advice getting setup!

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