Converting “Non-Campers”; With all the camp comforts you could need!


We’ve all heard the excuses and rubbish reasons to not come camping – from, “its too cold” to “where do I go to the toilet” in our travels have even heard “who would want to sleep on the ground?”.

For those of us lucky enough to camp from a young age, all of these complaints are easily addressed and sometimes facing hardships whilst camping make us appreciate what we have at home much more. However, many people have had bad experiences whilst camping and as a result have been turned off for their entire life we at 4WD Supacentre think it is about time that changed!


We are going to tackle these camping myths and help you to show your friends and loved ones what it means to have a great time away from the busy pace of “civilized life” listen closely, we are going to show you how to bring civilized comfort with you to the tracks!


The first complaint we often hear is how comfortable you will sleep; this is one of the most regular complaints we hear about camping, and funnily enough, it is one of the easiest issues to fix. Depending on your camping setup, you can include one of the incredibly comfortable Adventure Kings Queen Sized Self Inflated Mattress is one of the easiest way to stay up off the ground, you simply unroll your mattress and open up the air valves. The mattress does all the hard work, which is perfect for those that love to minimize the effort at camp.

Moving onto our next complaint, “where do I go to the bathroom”, the traditional answer is “use the shovel, however we live in a modern world and the comfort and privacy offered by a proper flushing toilet and at least a small amount of privacy. This is where the combination of an Adventure Kings Portable Camping Toilet and an Adventure Kings Shower Tent – for a 100% free standing and easy to set up portable camping toilet.

Not only is the Adventure Kings Portable Camping Toilet completely self-contained and with its internal fresh water tank can flush away the nasties, all in the privacy of your Adventure Kings Shower tent!

“But what if it is cold?” Cold Weather is something that is off-putting, particularly to those more accustomed to the comforts of a cozy lounge at home with the heater cranked to full! Never fear we have this covered too; you can stay cozy warm at camp too – our favourite way to stay toasty at camp is to light a fire inside our Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove – when comparing it to a traditional fire pit, the Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove offers a smoke free way to enjoy staying warm at camp. The elevation of the stove and the tall chimney exit means you can evacuate the smoke well up out of camp and with the smoke gone, and the control offered with the fully adjustable flue dampener the temperature is controllable from a roaring fire all the way down to even “turning the fire off”.

Staying warm doesn’t just stop at your campfire. When you hit the hay you will definitely want to bring a bit more than just your spare blanket from the back of the lounge. The Adventure Kings range offers campers an extremely comfortable and easy to use Sleeping bag with the Premium Sleeping bag is comfortable down to a frosty -5°C and for even more comfort can be zipped together with mating left and right-hand zippered models.

When you are serious about heading out but the prospect of sausage sanga’s all weekend isn’t quite as appealing to your better half as it might seem to you, then reassure them of all the possibilities that are possible thanks to the Bedourie Camp Oven with the versatile nature you can bake, fry, boil and even roast all your favourites from home, right over the coals of your campfire.

coupled with a little bit of ingenuity and fresh meat and veggies straight from your Adventure Kings 12v Fridge Freezer, just about everything is on the menu!

Speaking of fridges, if you are trying to convince the fairer half to come away with you it might be wise to mention the internal capacity of your fridge freezer, even the smallest fridge in our range (the 45L fridge freezer can fit an incredible 67 cans inside, and is tall enough to fit a bottle of riesling comfortably  inside whilst it is standing up.

There are dozens of excuses to not come camping, but in our books, there are no legitimate reasons- for help convincing your better half to escape more with you head to one of our stores, or check out the whole range online at or even call one of our experts on 1800 88 39 64 for the best advice!

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