Weekend performance mod for under $1000!

You might have wondered how you can make your 4WD gain in performance, after all you purchased your particular model due to its incredible reviews, anecdotes your mates have told you and watching clips of them offroad so you are confident in its ability from out of the box!

You’ve probably driven your 4WD offroad a couple of times, and what you may have found is that when you are asking a lot from your 4WD that it may not respond with as much GUSTO as you might be expecting, additionally your fuel economy might be less than advertised, whilst you may attribute these things to your 4WD aging, its not all over!

We need to address what exactly happens when your stock vehicle starts losing grunt, particularly when it’s been a while since the last full service, this will also vary depending on whether you have a diesel or petrol as they have different requirements for getting the most out of them!

All engines require optimal lubrication, no matter whether they are diesel or petrol and by updating not only your engines oil, but also your oil filters, draining flushing and replacing the coolant and checking over all-of your belts and even your fuel filters. If you make sure all of these factors updated and refreshed, you may just notice a small increase in performance and smoothness of operation another completely overlooked piece of maintenance is an ECU reset, each vehicle is different but particularly in the case of buying a used car, the ECU will learn driving habits, which means if the previous owner was lead footed, naturally the ECU will be pumping fuel out way beyond what you think is reasonable resulting in a twitchy drive and less fuel economy than you would prefer.

Gaining extra power from your 4WD is almost that simple, the final piece of regular maintenance you must do is replacing your air filter and maybe having a bit of a glimpse at your exhaust system under your vehicle.

What are you looking for when you are checking out your exhaust? Exhausts get hot every-time you start your motor, and when the heat of your exhaust heats up, the metal expands, resulting in a slight increase in length, and swelling at the joins. So everywhere there is a bend or join in your exhaust we are looking for leaks cracks and even popping, hissing, buzzing and even the smell of exhaust fumes.

One critical thing is that every vehicle includes from factory a catalytic converter to meet emissions requirements from every government around the world and often you will find that if your catalytic converter is failed you will have a hard time passing the strict emissions tests, the trouble with a catalytic converter is that they are easily contaminated, clogged and damaged particularly in 4WD’s where their temperature can suddenly drop thanks to water crossings and this over years can cause catastrophic failure resulting in poor performance and increased emissions and far worse fuel economy.
than you would want!

We have an excellent remedy for this issue! A Domin8r Exhaust System – these are one of the best value Australian made exhaust systems on the market, tailor designed to fit most models of 4WD they are offered in both aluminized versions as well as 409 stainless options for enhanced durability.

Both styles are ferrous meaning they attract a magnet, unlike the chrome like finish found on hardware store stainless, the 409 stainless is more heat proof and vibration resistant than shiny stainless making it ideal for application underneath our 4WD’s!

The best thing about the Domin8r Exhaust systems is the included gaskets, hardware and a high flowing catalytic converter.

All Domin8r Exhaust systems offer higher flowing exhausts to enhance the seat of the pants performance and give 4WDers more grunt out of their 4WD – Get your 4WD further offroad with an Aussie made performance exhaust system!

To find out more about Domin8r Exhaust systems head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call 1800 88 39 64 or visit on of our stores in person to speak with an expert!

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