10 steps to a good trip

Camping List

Food Planning & Packing

Menu Planning

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Planning a Camping Trip

Here is our 10 step plan to planning a successful camping trip whether you are traveling of going for a weekend.

  1. Make a list. I can not stress this enough. I pack over a week with constant interruptions from my two toddler/preschoolers. This is the list I developed to keep my sanity and not forget anything.
  2. Find a campsite. We rely on Woodall's which I got lucky and bought off the discard rack at the library. This is large but invaluable for finding campgrounds when traveling or even finding one locally. New ones come out every year but are usually good for two or three years. Note: We belong to AAA and while handy if you are traveling the AAA camp book leaves much to be desired.
  3. Call ahead a must on weekends especially Holiday weekends
  4. Start Small and within your adventure limits.
  5. Make a rain plan, even if it is a card game in the tent or a book. Use your local library many have trip bags and travel packs that are great.
  6. Leave behind only footprints
  7. Don't forget part of camping is enjoying being together. Get everyone involved at their level. Even if it is just drying one dish.
  8. Roast at least one marshmallow
  9. Don't forget your pillow
  10. Check the weather before you leave.