What To Eat

Step 1:
Planning and Packing

The Camper Box

Menu Planning

Step 2:
Your First Trip

Step 3:
I am tired of Hot Dogs: Recipes

Step 4:
Advanced CampFire Cookery

Step 5:
Cooking on the Road

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Camp Cookery

Let me start by saying pretty much everything I learned about camping and cooking on the road I learned from two people, my mother-in-law Karen and my dear friends Dick and Betty Jo. Karen taught me how to cook and plan menus for the road and Dick and Betty Jo showed me how to cook over a fire like a pro.

When I am camping my number one goal is to not spend all of my time cooking and cleaning at camp. Secondly I want to pack efficiently so I don’t have un-pack when I get home. And finally I don’t want to spend a lot of time menu planning. Another thing to keep in mind is that I am cheap so if I can pinch a penny I will.

The First Step: Planning and Packing