What To Eat

Step 1:
Planning and Packing

The Camper Box

Menu Planning

Step 2:
Your First Trip

Step 3:
I am tired of Hot Dogs: Recipes

Step 4:
Advanced CampFire Cookery

Step 5:
Cooking on the Road

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Step Three:
I am tired of hot dogs: Recipes

By now you have camped a couple of times and are ready to try some fire cooking, With out getting a lot of equipment there are two basic methods of cooking over a fire, Tin Foil pouches and camper pie irons.  Here are two basic recipes that can be modified hundreds of ways.

Camper Stew over a fire Tin Foil Method

1-pound Hamburger

3-4 medium potatoes

2-3 carrots

1 medium onion chopped

1 8oz can of tomato sauce,  I often use up leftover pizza sauce

Chop carrots and potatoes in about ˝ inch chunks.  Mix chopped vegetables, onion and hamburger with tomatoes sauce.  Season to taste.  Wrap in heavy-duty aluminum foil. Cook over fire on a grate or close to edge.  Rotate often to prevent scorching.  Depending on size of the packages it takes about and hour.  They are done when the foil packets puff up.

Pizza Pies  Camper Pie Iron

Pie iron


Pizza sauce


Mozzarella cheese I prefer sliced


Any other toppings we stick to these because they last well with little refrigeration.

Butter one slice of bread, place butter side down on pie iron, and put one spoonful sauce, toppings and cheese.  Top with second slice of buttered bread, butter side out.  Close pie iron.  Find a good spot on the fire.  Cooking time varies on type of pie iron, hotness of fire, and whether the pie iron is hot or not.  But figure, 5-7 minutes.

Next Step, Advanced Camp Fire Cooking