What To Eat

Step 1:
Planning and Packing

The Camper Box

Menu Planning

Step 2:
Your First Trip

Step 3:
I am tired of Hot Dogs: Recipes

Step 4:
Advanced CampFire Cookery

Step 5:
Cooking on the Road

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Camp Cooking on the Road

Five steps to eat cheap while camping on the road:

  1. Pack lunches in the morning at breakfast
  2. Keep it simple we eat alot of spaghetti, tuna and grilled sausage when we travel
  3. Use Just-Add-Water and canned foods you and your family like. For example we eat potatoes au`graitin and canned green beans when we are traveling.
  4. Supplement with of Fresh fruit and veggies, grapes, bing cherries, strawberries, baby carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes are some of the things that travel well.
  5. Use paper plates and bowl for breakfast, sandwiches and finger foods for Lunch, and easy meals for supper