What To Eat

Step 1:
Planning and Packing

The Camper Box

Menu Planning

Step 2:
Your First Trip

Step 3:
I am tired of Hot Dogs: Recipes

Step 4:
Advanced CampFire Cookery

Step 5:
Cooking on the Road

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Step Two:
Your first trip

With the advent of ready to eat foods, you can easily camp with out cooking. I would recommend that for your first trip, stick to Cold cereal,  Hot Dogs,  sandwiches,  simple things that can be cooked on a stick over a fire or in one pot on a camp stove.

Here are a few points to consider when you are rounding up equipment for the fist time

Do you have a Java Jones?  If you do you can feed a couple of ways, Brew your own over a camp stove with a stovetop percolator, or buy it at the camp store.

Does the campground have a camp store and how well stocked is it?  Most of them will get you though but they vary on quality and are usually quite expensive.

You probably want to take a camp stove or a small portable grill. Fire cooking is fun, but probably not something to rely on for your fist adventure.

Here is a list of things to consider taking:

camp stove

frying pan

2-quart pot (2 would be handy)

If plan to cook over a fire

Tin foil

long handled spatula

hot dog sticks

pie irons These are great fun! If you are not sure about camping yet, try to borrow one from a friend.

a small grate to put over the fire

Next Step
When you want more than Hotdogs- Recipes