What To Eat

Step 1:
Planning and Packing

The Camper Box

Menu Planning

Step 2:
Your First Trip

Step 3:
I am tired of Hot Dogs: Recipes

Step 4:
Advanced CampFire Cookery

Step 5:
Cooking on the Road

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Step 4:
Advanced Camp Fire Cookery

It is hard to describe the perfect cooking fire but follow these steps and you'll do okay.  It is better to cook over a low fire with good coals.  For the best results start the fire about one hours ahead of cooking time and have enough wood on hand to keep the fire going for how ever long you are planning on cooking.  Here are a couple or pictures to illustrate different kinds of fire.


Cooking Fire: This is a pretty good example of a medium cooking fire it has some burned wood and coals and low flame.

Bonfire, You can't tell from the picture but no one is within 10 feet of this fire. It took probably 1-2 hours to burn down to marshmallow roasting height.

Next Step, Camp Cooking on the Road