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Family Camping Tips

Family Camping tips is dedicated to bringing you the best tips on taking your family camping! Brought to you by a family that thinks camping is a fine place to take a four week old and a toddler! (not a suggested first camping trip though!) Don't see your favorite camping tip on our site? Feel free to submit it to our collection!

At FamilyCampingTips.com we believe in the theory of "Camper Fever" where once you are infected, you are always tending to move up the camping food chain. Tent camping is an inexpensive way to get started camping. Once you've experieced tent camping, you tend to look at Trailer camping to continue your excursions, and make them easier. Once you've spent some time in a trailer, the next step is the self contained RV. Now we're not saying that everyone get's this fever, but it's prevelent on the campground, so watch out!

One of the biggest advantages of camping is the ability to get really close to natural attractions, something that is often difficult when staying in hotels. Planning your camping trip is part of the fun, and a crucial step to having a successful vacation. The other great thing is that you can cook for yourself, keeping your overall budget down on those extended trips.